What should come to mind with the name “Australian Labradoodle”?

“Labradoodle” is a catchall term. The first Australian Labradoodles originated in the crossing of the socially competent Labrador Retriever with the highly intelligent standard (large) poodle. These were bred as service (guide) dogs in Australia by Wally Conran. Additional breeds (Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water
Spaniel and Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier) were crossed as early as 1980. The aim was an excellent therapy and service dog breed. The first dogs of this breed were sold and employed exclusively as therapy dogs.

But the suitability of the Australian Labradoodle as an affectionate, loyal and easily trained family dog was soon noticed.

Since 2004, no further breeds have been introduced. During the next 12 years, several experienced breeders worked to maintain and further develop the breed standard.
It bears mentioning at this point that the breed has yet to be officially recognized by the FCI, although multiple breeding associations are laboring intensely to bring about precisely this recognition.

Appearance and Disposition of the Breed:

The Australian Labradoodle is a well-proportioned dog with an intelligent, faithful appearance.
The breed doesn’t shed, hence it’s coat exhibits less of the smell associated with most canines. It’s also generally suitable for people with allergies, though this should be checked on an individual basis.
Because it is so easily trained, friendly and affectionate, it is highly agreeable
as a therapy dog.
It’s these very qualities that render the breed suitable as a family dog as well
— a cheerful, intuitive constant companion.
The Australian Labradoodle naturally requires clear guidance and utilization,
lest its intelligence come to fuel canine shenanigans
A good obedience course is definitely advisable.