C-Wurf         Kira X Bono

We are happy to announce the birth of 6 healthy puppies (5 girls, 1 boy)

We proudly present:

Cinny (Cinnamon)

birthweight:    210g
by 1 week:       395g
by 2 weeks:     760g
by 3 weeks:    1150g


birthweight:      290g
by 1 week:         560g
by 2 weeks:      1075g
by 3 weeks:      1530g


birthweight:       265g
by 1 week:          505g
by 2 weeks:        930g
by 3 weeks:       1350g


birthweight:        240g
by 1 week:           465g
by 2 weeks:         830g
by 3 weeks:        1130g


birthweight:        210g
by 1 week:          400g
by 2 weeks:        745g
by 3 weeks:       1070g


birthweight:        240g
by 1 week:           480g
by 2 weeks:         820g
by 3 weeks:        1180g