Australian Labradoodle come in three sizes:

mini: about 7 – 13kg / 35-42 cm (shoulder height)
medium: 13-20 kg / 43-52 cm
standard: 20-30 kg / 53-63 cm



The following coat types are available:

curly wool: woolly, curly, like a Poodle

open Fleece: light waves

wavy Fleece: light to strong waves


curly fleece: hangs in twisted strands, curly

If the coat is left long as provided by the breed standard (up to 10 cm long),
grooming can become downright challenging.
The Australian Labradoodle can also be trimmed somewhat shorter, so that it
retains its “little bear” look. Then the coat is easier to groom. The Australian
Labradoodle has no undercoat.


The Australian Labradoodle can be colored cream, caramel or chocolate, as
well as café au lait, lavender, blue-black, apricot or red.

It can be colored solid or “parti” (with some white or colored spots).

With the mating of our girl Elin (red) with sire Lenny (apricot-parti), we
anticipate puppies in red and apricot, in part with spots.