In case you’ve decided you would like to welcome an Australian Labradoodle
from our breed in your home for 10 to 15 years, we’d like to provide you with
some information regarding what you can expect:

Your new companion was lovingly raised in our residence, carefully nurtured
and socialized.

It is accustomed to routine daily noises and other dogs and cats, and has had
some experience with children.

It has had its first experiences with travel by car, veterinary visits, hygiene and
short walks on a leash.

In house and garden it has had at its disposal various surfaces (lawn,
concrete, wood, wood chips, tile, gravel, etc.), as well as various playing
equipment and toys.

After the purchase we are prepared to provide advice at any time in response
to any questions that may arise.

We supply our buyers with the following at the time of the puppy’s hand over:

- Domestic animal “passport” indicating all innoculations performed

- Microchip
- Certificate of registration with ALAA and Certodog. Unfortunately, we are only allowed      to hand over the pedigree over 4-5 generations after castration.   
- Suitable collar, harness  and lead
- Food to cover the first few days
- Blanket and toy with the mother’s scent
- Written advice regarding the first days in the new home, nutrition,
  upbringing, potty-training, etc.

With your contract you receive a two-year guarantee that your puppy is free
from genetic diseases.